Our Favourite Dance Movies

As fans of all dancing, we love a good dance film. The genre has gone through many changes from sweeping dance numbers aimed at trying to get the high school sweet-heart, to gritty one on one street-battles with nothing but pride on the line – the genre is ever changing.

Here are a few of our favourite dance films:

Step Up 2 The Streets (2008)
This is the sequel to the 2006 hit “step up”. The film follows a young girl on her quest to live the life of a street dancer. The film has exactly what you should expect from a big budget dance flick – professional dancers, elaborate set pieces and high energy dance numbers. Yes, it’s a bit cheesy and yes the story is a bit one dimensional but the pace, tone and even the speed of the dancing it definitely worth a watch. This film, and its predecessor, were instrumental for putting the dance film back on the map.

Stomp The Yard (2007)

There seems to be a trend in dance films. A troubled inner city teen tries to fit in a new school but can only communicate through dance. We get it, the formula works – Stomp The Yard is no different. A young teen moves cross country and is head-hunted to join a stomping dance crew. The film exceeds both rhythmically through both music and dance – and both complement a cinematic style not unlike ‘step up and step up 2′.

Billy Elliot (2000)

billy-elliotA young boy growing up in a broken home wants to become a dancer to the disdain of his working class father. Ballet over boxing is the question that Billy Elliot must face in the film set in north-eastern England during the 1984 coal miners’ strike. The family dynamic, intertwined with grim locations, and a muted colour pallet make this a fantastic dramatic film. What’s even better is that the dancing is fantastic as well. But really, do yourself a favour and watch this great British film. 


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Easy Does It: Tips for an Organized Move To Brisbane

Moving is not a simple undertaking. The fact that it involves so many things at once, such as making the decision, choosing the right moving company, and making the actual move guarantees that it is never simple. And the person or family that is going to move needs to deal with all of that and probably more, depending on the situation. Moving can either be exciting or stressful and perhaps the key is to be more organized during the process.

A few tips on how to make an organized move could go a long way in making the experience a positive one. Below are some of those tips.

Tip #1 – Pack in Advance

Packing in advance is an essential part of moving. Don’t make the mistake of miscalculating how much stuff you have and need to take with you. It usually takes more time to pack than what we anticipate so you need to start about a month before you actually move. Yes, a month. Start off with the not so important, not too essential things. Then you can move on to the stuff that you could manage to live without for a little while and then as moving day draws closer you should be able to go on the real essentials. Just remember to never underestimate packing and the time and effort you need to put into it.

Tip #2 – Stock Up on Storage Boxes

Part of preparing for the move in advance is stocking up in storage boxes. This is a necessary part of the process and it is going to ease the move significantly if you have good boxes on hand. It could be specialty moving boxes or it could be free boxes from stores, anything that serves your purpose is very much welcome indeed. Other items that can be used aside from boxes include clean clothing and towels as substitutes for bubble wrap. It can help ensure that the delicate stuff is kept safe from any damage while moving.

Tip #3 – Labeling is Important

Labeling the boxes and other containers is an important part of moving and especially if you want to keep it organized. Use markers, duct tape or whatever else that you happen to have in labeling the things that need to go together. Having proper labels will be extremely helpful when you are already in your new home and unpacking.

Tip #4 – Lose Some Junk

Moving is also the perfect opportunity to lose some junk. There is no need to pack everything and take it all to the next house. The process of moving is also a great opportunity to declutter and only take the important things along. Insisting on moving with the extra stuff will only more money and effort when it can easily be left behind or even given away to charities and similar organizations.

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Moving With Kids: How to Get Your Little Ones Going

Moving is an inevitable part of family life. Sooner or later, a change of location and residence is going to take place. It could be because of any number of reasons: one or both parents may have had a change in their career or it can also be for health reasons for a member of the family. Whatever the reason, the process of moving is bound to affect every member of the family, but more so the kids. Steps need to be taken to make sure that the moving process does not impact them in a negative way.

Moving Talk

The best and most important that parents can make is to have a talk with their children about the moving process. Talking to the children about the move and why it is necessary is very important for them to understand what is happening. Answer their questions – and they are sure to have a lot of it – as honestly and as completely as possible.

Kids require some explaining because even if the reason for the move is a positive one, they tend to look at it as a negative thing. It wouldn’t be surprising for some kids to be scared of moving and changing aspects of their life that they have become very used to. They might be afraid to disrupt what has been comforting to them so they need to know that it is not like that at all.

Making the Move

Perhaps the easiest situation when moving with kids involves those that are below the age of 6. Preschoolers and toddlers are the easiest to deal with when it comes to moving since they cannot yet understand the complexities of an act such as moving. Therefore, the explanations that need to be given to them could be kept short and simple. Just make sure that no other major changes are going to happen simultaneously with the move.

With school-age kids, more care and consideration is necessary. Perhaps the biggest concern has to do with school. Some believe that the best time to move is in the middle of the school year to allow the kids to meet and get to know other kids at school right away. Others believe summer is better since the move won’t interfere with school. The best thing that could be done is to gather information about the new school and make sure all the requirements are ready.

Teenagers probably present the biggest challenge. They are at a stage in life when they tend to rebel from their parents and even from society in some cases. It is best to proceed to explain to them while also making them feel that they are respected and their feelings and opinions are being carefully considered. Hear them out if they have things to say, after all they probably have friends and activities that they’ve grown attached to.

After finally making the move, parents need to continue to make the kids feel that their support and understanding is there all the time. It is not easy but as a family they could all adjust and learn about their new home together.

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An Australian’s Guide To Moving With Pets

Pets are usually considered part of the family. The love, care, and attention that are given to most beloved pets are almost the same to those given to any member of the family. That is the reason why they are also given very careful consideration if a family has decided to move to a new home. Just like the members of the family, pets could experience stress while preparing for and during the actual move. So tips on how to make the move properly with pets should be learned and understood by every pet owning family or individual.

Here are some helpful tips on how moving could be easy on both pets and their owners:

  •         moving petConsider Your Pet When Choosing a New House or Neighborhood – As a pet owner, you should think about your pet when choosing a new house or neighborhood to move to. It needs to be a place that your pet will also find nice and grow to love just as you will grow to love it too. Check out the area to see if it is pet-friendly or not
  •         Help Your Pets Adjust From the Start of Packing – It is going to be helpful if you help your pets adjust right from the time you start packing. Getting the moving boxes early and then placing your pets in a familiar will surely help a lot. On the day that you are going to move, it is advisable that your pet be placed within a quiet room and keep the door closed while the boxes are being loaded to the moving van.
  •         Plan the Trip Properly – An important part of planning the road trip is to make sure that your pet is familiar with the crate. Since they haven’t spent much time in it or at all, you can start familiarizing them by first placing the food inside of it. Then you can start carrying them inside the crate, whether in or out of the house. Doing so would mean that on the day of moving and traveling, there wouldn’t be any extra or unnecessary hassles.

A Settled Pet is a Comfortable Pet – Once you get to new your new home, you should help your pet settle in. Familiarize him with his new environment by letting him stay in one room at first. Once he gets settled there, you could move on to the other areas of your new home until your pet is as comfortable in it as you and your family.

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5 Fun Things to do After Moving to Brisbane

One of the most exciting aspects of moving to a new city is discovering what it has to offer. What are the things that you and your family could do to enjoy the new city as well as learn more about it? That sense of wonder and discovery is always exciting no matter where you go. Getting to know the place is an essential early part of eventually falling in love with it. Brisbane is number three most populous city in Australia and the most populous in the state of Queensland. It is a city that has quite a lot to offer to tourists and to those who are looking to settle there. An individual who has just moved there would certainly want to learn the most fun things to do in the city and even those who are just about to move to the city. Also, don’t forget to check out my moving tips. removalists brisbane Image by Fergus Toumey

The following are 5 fun things to do after moving to Brisbane:

1. Enjoy the Diverse Australian Wildlife – The famously diverse Australian wildlife is certainly one of the most fun things to see and experience not only in Brisbane but in all of Australia. You can feed the kangaroos and have your picture taken with other more exotic animals as you have fun and learn at the same time. 2. An Excitement Filled Experience Awaits at the Riverlife Adventure Centre – If you are the adventurous type then the Riverlife Adventure Centre is the place for you. There are many activities awaiting you there: you could face the challenge of rock climbing the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, ride a kayak on the Brisbane River, or take a hike then hire a bike. 3. Go and Visit the Southland Parklands – For a family friendly outing, a visit to the Southbank Parklands is simply perfect. A great day outdoors awaits those who choose to go to this magnificent parkland. Enjoy the lush gardens, a captivating inner city beach, or simply stroll down the beautiful walking paths. Those who are also looking for dining and shopping spots will find it right there along with everything else. 4. Marvel at the Brisbane Lookout – Breathtaking is the word to describe the Brisbane Lookout. You can’t find a better and more panoramic view of the city that you could enjoy equally during the day and in the night. 5. Excellent River Cruises – one of the best and more unique ways to enjoy a view of the city is by going on a river cruise. Choose from the many available cruises: River City Cruises, Mirimar, and the Kookaburra River Queens. Incidentally, for those who are just planning on moving to Brisbane, you can check out RemovalistS Brisbane to find the best moving companies in the city.

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The Best Belly Dance Videos

Although it originated in the middle east, belly dancing has become a lot more westernised the last 10 years. Why? Because it’s a form of dance that focuses on hip movements so it’s hell-a sexy and reasonably easy to pick up. Get ready to shake your hips! We’ve put together our 4 favourite belly dancing videos! Enjoy.

1. Teaser Trailer – Ula Sport

In case you were completely confused about what belly dancing is, this short 40 second video will get you up to speed and in the mood! We love contrast between her dark clothing and the simple white studio backdrop.

Belly Dance from Ula Sport on Vimeo.

2. Belly Dance Mini Doc – Malin Dang

This great mini documentary does a great job at explaining the history of belly dancing and explores what that means for us modern belly dancing westerners. It is definitely a plug for ‘Fat Chance Belly Dance’ a small dance studio in San Francisco but we don’t mind! It’s well shot, highly interesting and fun.

ATS Belly Dance – Insight video from Malin Dang on Vimeo.


3. Tribal Fusion Live Performance – Paul Bajcar and Shirley Lam

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of a live performance and this one is definitely buzzing! Tribal Fusion is a new take on belly dancing that is basically a lot more modern but still carries some traditions such as the costumes and those moving hips! Some different camera angles would have been nice but the lighting, music and performance seem to do the trick anyway.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing from Paul Bajcar & Shirley Lam on Vimeo.


4. Another Short Documentary – Ben Jacob

Ok, I know we just watched a mini documentary but we promise this one will be worth it! It is narrated by Kathleen Crowley, an extremely talent seamstress who makes beautiful belly dancing costumes. We won’t give away the details but we will say her journey into this career is definitely unique and worth a watch. Beautifully shot and edited.

Vagabond Princess from Ben Jacob on Vimeo.

Thanks for checking out our 4 favorite belly dance videos! Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!


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